International Candidates

Afforda Technology Private Limited has very good reputation for providing telecom training. VTS welcomes applications from all foreign candidates. Afforda has its own modern telecom lab facility to provides hands-on experience in all telecom technologies.

1. Please contact us for registration form to be filled up by the candidate and also general guidelines for foreign students.

2. Once we receive your registration form and found eligible to join the course, we will send you our Invitation.

3. Based on our Invitation, Students need to apply for VISA to come to India.

4. Indian currency is Rupees and the present conversion rate :

5. There are good numbers of bachelor accommodation/hostel are available in and around our office area. We will assist our International /Outstation students to get suitable accommodation.

6. Chennai is one of the four major metropolitan cities in India. It is well connected by Air with other international cities/ other countries.

Please contact us for further assistance:

+91 (0) 1204328813

Mobile : +91 9990000014

email :