GPON and FTTx Design & Implementation Workshop


  • GPON Technical course is designed to provide students  an overview of PON fundamentals.
  • PON standards are emphasized including Optical Line Termination (OLT), Optical Network Termination (ONT), Optical Distribution Networks (ODN).

Duration: 5 Days –Instructor led training .

Training Fee : Rs 23,000 ( For Indian national only)

What you will gain?

At the end of the course the person will be able to

  • Identify and name the principle parts of a a fiber optic link
  • Test and troubleshoot a PON system
  • Use a Fiber Visual Fault Finder
  • Use a Light Source and Power Meter to measure link loss
  • Use an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
  • Use an Optical Return Loss (ORL) Meter
  • Various configuration of PON including FTTH , FTTN and FTTC.
  • Learn various parameters to be configured in OLT- GPON/GEPON–hands-on session

Practical /Hands-on:  Afforda has its own GPON and GEPON network with triple play services

  • Fiber splicing  and test equipment-OTDR , PM, LS,VFL
  • Design and testing of GPON/GEPON network.
  • Configuration  of OLT for triple play services – Voice, Data and Video.

Pre requisites

Diploma/Engineering degree with basic knowledge on optical fiber communication and multiplexing is recommended.

Who should attend?

Technical persons involved in design, configuration, installation, testing, troubleshooting of fiber optic system using GPON /GEPON. Suitable for OFC engineers, managers, planners , telecom professionals and ISP.

Course outline

  • Principle of Fiber optical transmission Network
  • Advantages of OFC over traditional access network
  • Fiber optical cable type and spec
  • What is PON
  • Various type of PON
  • PON topology
  • Splitter and WDM principle
  • GPON architecture and stanards
  • GPON design with link budget
  • GPON vs GEPON  difference
  • Configuration ,Testing and Trouble shooting.


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