Network Performance and Quality of Service Management

Overview :

  • The competitive pressures of the fast-moving wireless industry has totally
    shifted the switching systems from Circuit switching to IP switching, all
    fast network are migrating to IP based.
  • All stakeholders in industry are as well working hard to enhance clear level of
    services, where the quality of service is taken into considerations.

Duration :

  • Instructor led training program ; Conducted on regular and fast track program. Contact us.

What you will gain:

  • Review of GSM and WCDMA (3G) , LTE technologies
  • Transmission Network for high capacity mobile networks and its performance.
  • Understanding different services offered by mobile networks
  • QoS and Network performance monitoring
  • How to optimize the network using KPI and drive test.

Who should attend:

  • Regulators and enforcement engineers , Network performance and QoS engineers, Technical Managers,  Radio network engineers and anyone who works on QoS and network performance.

Pre requisite :

  • Candidate should have clear understanding on mobile networks and its components – GSM and WCDMA.

Course Outline:

  • Basics in GSM , WCDMA and LTE
  • Network Architecture
  • Network components
  • Layers – RRC,RLC,NAS
  • 3G-2G iRAT
  • Power control, Capacity
  • R99 Services
  • Difference between GSM and R99 Services.
  • UE Categories
  • Transmission Network for backbone in mobile networks.
  • Throughput measurements
  • Introduction to QoS ,KPI groups, Statistical concepts
  • Radio measurements, QoS measurements using drive tests
  • Network Performance management and monitoring
  • Commercial collection tools
  • Equipment, UEs ,antenna etc
  • How to compute KPIs from Drive tests
  • Introduction to counters
  • Benefits of counters against drive test
  • QoS and KPI Optimization
  • Radio interface Optimization
  • Optimization using drive test and statistics
  • Bench marking own performance