Optical Fiber Splicer

Course Duration : 3 days ( Full day)

Minimum Qualification : 10th std / +2 std

Training Fee : Rs 14,000 ( For Indian national only)

Equipment for Hands-on: Splicing Machine, PM,VFL and different types of OFC cables and  connectors.

Objective :

By the end of the Training, the participants would be able to:

Ensure efficient splicing of the optical fibre cables during fiber cuts, and supports in optical fibre installation.

Under below mentioned subjects:

(a) Identify different types of OFC cable -SM,MM

(b) Different color codes used in OFC

(c) Preparing cable for splicing

(d) Carrying out splicing operations

(e) Testing effectiveness of the splice through VFL .

(f) Closing the activity and documenting the test results

(h) Installation of  Fast connectors for FTTH networks

(i) Preparation of Cat-5 /6 cable and connect with RJ45 connector.