Certification Programs-Telecom

 Afforda conducts following training program suitable for Engineers ( FRESHERS) holding ECE, CSE, IT :

Certification Program:

a.  Certified Microwave professional – P2P and P2M microwave link– 2 weeks

b.  Certified Switch professional -TDM / IP switching and VOIP — 2 weeks

c.  Certified Data Network professional — 2 weeks

d. Certified 3G Mobile RF Professional– 2 weeks

Mobile Networks:

e.  LTE/4G Next Generation Mobile Networks — 2 weeks

f.  Advanced LTE  / 5G Network Overview — 2 week

Fiber Optical Networks:

f. Fiber optical professional – OFC and SDH  — 2 weeks

g. GPON and FTTx Design and Planning Workshop — 2 weeks

SDR and IoT:

h. Software Define Radio (SDR) Network — 2 weeks

i.  Internet of Things (IoT) network -Overview — 2 weeks

j.  Inplant training in Telecom technologies — 01 – 02 weeks


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