Certified 3G Mobile RF Professional


Course Duration: 2 weeks ( 3 hrs /day)

Eligibility: B.E (ECE /EEE/CS/ETC/IT) . Final year students can also apply.

Courser Objective:

This course provides an introduction to operation and maintenance, cell planning and optimization through drive test for GSM and 3G network.

Course outline:

1.      RF basics and propagation:

  • RF bands and its Propagation
  • Different modulation techniques used.
  • RF links used for mobile and P2P networks
  • Different types of antenna used in GSM and backbone applications

2.      GSM  Network

  • GSM network architecture
  • Functionality of each entity in the network
  • Channels and frame structure
  • Call flow – MT , MO
  • GPRS  and EDGE network
  • Networking planning methods

3.      UMTS /WCDMA network

  • What is UMTS / WCDMA
  • Comparison of technologies –TDMA /WCDMA
  • GSM/GPRS 2G  and 2.5 networks
  • UMTS network overview
  • Principles of 3G communication – WCDMA and Coding methods.
  • UMTS Radio network
  • Interface- core network and UTRAN
  • UMTS key features and services

4.      Optimization

  • RF optimization overview
  • Practical issues and challenges in RF optimization
  • Different types of drive test tools and its description
  • Practical on drive test and understanding its reports.
  • Optimization of RF network, based on drive test results.

Practical/Hands-on :  Afforda has its own GSM, 3G and LTE / LTE-A network in the lab

  • Drive test for GSM and WCDMA using TEMS
  • Post processing of drive test results.
  • GSM /3G network test in the LAB

At the end of the course:

The candidate will be able to understand, design and optimize GSM/3G access networks.  Candidate will be able to carry out drive test and do optimization independently.